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I have tried eipidurals, laser discectomy, physical therapy… and nothing gave me the results that your program gave me. I knew I didn't want surgery because of all the horror stories I have heard about surgery. You have a program that works! I hope you get the word out, that there is an alternative to surgery.
- Jake S.



The treatments with spinal decompression have brought me instant relief and have helped me lead a healthier lifestyle. After two treatments, I no longer take pain medication or OTC medication for my hip and back pain. I am able to exercise without pain and am getting my life back. I have been able to stay more focused and clear headed without the nagging pain that I previously felt. I honestly feel that my life has changed for the better with Spinal Decompression.
- Deborah L.



My quality of life has completely changed since starting this treatment. I had almost zero mobility; everything I did caused pain. Today, I am near 100% pain free, and resumed to nearly all my normal activities.
- Luis D.



I had back pain for 5 years. It got the point where I was taking 4-6 Advil a day. I needed help to get out of bed. I could not stand without pain or do my job. I now take no medications, and I'm back at work. I only have pain periodically and I'm continuing to improve. This treatment has changed my life. Thank you!
- Matilde A.



I feel physically balanced and stronger, which positively influences my daily activities. Good posture, back strength and alignment also affects my mental well being. I am able to move and perform with less pain.
- Nisreen A



Today I can walk without a cane or a limp. If you are one of those people who suffer from your spine, back or whatever give yourself a chance and listen to what the doctor tells you, do it and something good will take place. There's always going to be some kind of discomfort, if you apply yourself that too will shortly pass.
- Nina B.

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